Thursday, July 30, 2009

Look: Explode

So, this would be my 2nd entry for the contest on

The contest:

you must create an interesting look without using eyeshadow!!
this was acutally harder than it looks, blending eyeliner, is horrible.
I think i could do better than this, so i'll probably do another one sometime soon. this time ill blend it and use fake lashes and everthing.


Urban Decay primer potion
Annabelle eyeliner - feista
Annabelle liquid eyeliner - black
Wet n Wild mega Liner - silver spoons
L'oreal Luxurious Lengths mascara- blackest black

Soho Lipstick - mirage
Dollar store gloss - shimmery pink

Monday, July 27, 2009


Well, I said I was going to try and update this every day, or at least when i upload things to my deviantart.

But since it's summer and my mom just bought a pool, I havent work any makeup in the last 3 days!!!

I think its a personal record for me actually


But as soon as I get some new pictures or I find out some good makeup news/products, I'll post them


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well hello

This is Ashley, obviously, and this is my first post here! woohoo!

So I figured, I want to become more known online for my makeup besides deviantart and vampirefreaks. So I figured I'd do what every other struggling makeup artist does, MAKE A BLOG!


For those who don't know me. I'm 18 years old and I am a makeup artist from Ontario Canada. I haven't had any professional schooling for it yet. (I am taking Cosmetics techniques and management at Seneca in the fall though.) I am 100% self taught. I've done makeup for proms, fashion shows, photoshoots and theatrical preformances.

My favorite brands are: Micabella, MAC, Urban Decay, Annabelle and Makeup Forever. I use bascially anything I can get my hands on, From dollar store glitter to Bobbi Brown palettes.

I perfer bright eccentric makeup to subtle looks. I love doing character themes too. The more over the top, the better.

So, my first entry is this:

Inspired by the fabulous Callow Lily: (

and her artwork : White Rabbit



MAC studio fix fluid SPF15 - NW15

Annabelle SkinTrue Concealer


Billie Brightening eyecolor duo - grey

Billie Blush - pink

Bobbi Brights palette:

- electric pink
- Gum Drop
- flamingo
- Peach
- samba
Avon True Color eyeshadow quad - charcoal quad
MAC shadow - carbon
Ardene shadow - 9A-HE454 (deep pink)
Annabelle liquid eyeliner - black
Styli-style Blend & Line - black velvet
Revlon Luxurious Lengths mascara - blackest black
Fright Night Lashes


Soho Lipstick - Mirage
Avon Glazewear - iced pink
Mira magic warm lip illuminator


*Note - Please bear with me guys, I'm still getting used to this site, some stuff I dont know how to use yet*