Thursday, July 30, 2009

Look: Explode

So, this would be my 2nd entry for the contest on

The contest:

you must create an interesting look without using eyeshadow!!
this was acutally harder than it looks, blending eyeliner, is horrible.
I think i could do better than this, so i'll probably do another one sometime soon. this time ill blend it and use fake lashes and everthing.


Urban Decay primer potion
Annabelle eyeliner - feista
Annabelle liquid eyeliner - black
Wet n Wild mega Liner - silver spoons
L'oreal Luxurious Lengths mascara- blackest black

Soho Lipstick - mirage
Dollar store gloss - shimmery pink


  1. this is amazing. i adore the black spray effect.
    i wish there was a tutorial available for this i would love to learn how to do this look.

  2. magnificent and inspiring !! I love it ! really well done. It's hard to believe you didn't use eyeshadow !

    xxx Vee